pondělí 6. června 2011

Two older Nine Inch Nails albums - Free download from official site

Both albums are 100% free and 320kbps quality, The Slip is available in variety formats.
Policy of this band for non-commercial users is: "Share our music, post it on your blog, give it to the strangers and remix it. And if you really want our music, you can buy it in several different edition."

The Slip - Latest NIN studio album(Halo 27)

Ghost I - First part of experimental album(Halo 26)


8 komentářů:

  1. wow man love the NIN music, following your blog i hope you post every day ;)

  2. Thank you, I will try update it all day. But sometimes I will add only videos, when I don't have time for more.

  3. God I loved ghosts! Amazing album.

  4. theres still cool group that love fans and not just money

  5. Or they have enough money and can make what they want = music for their fans